Thursday, July 17, 2008

Letting Go

When I began this blog, my intention was that it would become a safe place for me to express my thoughts as I reflected on various aspects of my life. I wanted to explore those things that deeply matter to me. I have failed.

Looking back on my recent posts, I see that I became frightened. I expected that come September this blog would be visited by various people hoping to keep up with my adventures in India, many of whom would disagree with my political, religious, and or social views, which are tightly linked. My response? Instead of sharing my thoughts on significant world events that matter to me, I chronicled my (often boring) day-to-day life only at a surface level.

I realized over the course of the past month that I too often, in the hope of maintaining peaceful relations, censor myself around those that I disagree with. As an open and honest person, I am troubled deeply by this injustice I'm doing to myself and others. I am tired of holding back.

I feel that we all have the responsibility, as citizens of a global society, to speak out about what we see as injustices or to praise efforts we feel are making a positive impact on people's lives. This revelation became even more clear to me as I prepared my first sermon over the past two weeks. After some effort, I was able to let go and proclaim to the congregation what I truly believed God was telling me. I didn't let fear of disagreement become a roadblock to what I saw as the truth.

I now hope to reclaim this blog as a place where I will step outside of my comfort zone in an effort to vocalize what I am bothered, excited, and moved by in the world. I will naturally continue to inform people about what I am up to, but never at the expense of a deeper honesty.

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