Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whining about coffee withdrawal... again!


So, the lab i went in for yesterday came back on the quick test as having a trace of protein, a TRACE! That means immeasurable! And then on the thorough test it said negative which is perfectly normal. Yet, I still can't have coffee until Wednesday because they'd like to do another test just to make sure. 

When I had my blood drawn for the physical among other things they checked my kidneys and it came back normal but yet, no coffee. It's not even that I have to go back Wednesday, because I have to anyway for my TB skin test to be read, it's simply the fact that coffee and I like each other quite a bit, and absence has certainly made the heart grow fonder here.

So, I realize this is pretty ridiculous and whiny, but like I told a friend, coffee is my one unhealthy habit, and it's really not even that bad compared to some other choices, and I'm owning it!

Now that I've vented, I'm going to go read. So, good morning (and if you're drinking coffee, I possibly hate you).

Monday, May 19, 2008

Caffeine is like a crazy ex-girlfriend!

I haven't had coffee for the past three mornings and it sucks. What also sucks is that since getting stuck on dial-up at home, I haven't blogged. 

As you know, I moved home last Sunday, but it wasn't until it hit me that I've been feeling so out of whack for a week that I decided to unpack and organize my life. So, here I sit in my newly organized room with Henry sleeping in my old, comfy chair.

I'm going to the doctor today at 1:00 for the followup to my previous physical (on Friday) because I drank coffee Friday morning, which messed up one of my labs. I think I have to deal with needles today as well. I've dealt with amazing caffeine headaches each day around noon and will be getting a cup of coffee immediately after my appointment today!

I found out that among the other shots I have to get to go to India, I also have to get the Hep A and B series which I failed to get in high school. I also have to get a TB skin test, today I believe. Now, I'm not terribly afraid of needles but I also don't exactly look forward to them either. Oh well, it'll all be worth it so I ca have my little adventure!

I had a good chat with my brother about my upcoming year and he was really supportive and seems to think that it will be really good for me. That made me feel pretty confident as he has traveled much more than anyone else in my family. 

Now that I've gotten my books organized onto my bookshelf, I'll be working on my summer reading list, which will be ridiculously long. I'm excited but I also hope that I make the time to read all the books that I want to. I'm thinking one pre week. We'll see. 

Oh, and I really miss high speed internet. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I feel back to my normal self. 

Here's a whirlwind update: Wednesday my parents arrived and we had dinner. Thursday my aunt, uncle, and cousin arrived, I packed, and we ate more food. Friday I moved out of my apartment and my great aunt and uncle arrived. On Saturday another aunt, my brother, his wife, and my nephew arrived and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Schreiner University. 11 family members were there (actually 12 if you count Henry). Sunday we all drove back to the Gulf Coast and my mom got to pick out spatulas from Williams-Sonoma for mothers day in San Antonio. Yesterday I hung out with my nephew and sister-in-law and we tried to run but both of us were pretty out of shape and Josh was fussy.

So here I am. And this is how I feel: It feels so good to be done with college. I'm not super depressed, not really even sad. I love my time at Schreiner and I know it's immeasurably important as far as who I have become, but it was time for me to move on.

The weekend itself was a little overwhelming with trying to keep friends, family, and dogs all happy at once which is why I'm relieved all of the hooplah is complete. Graduation itself was pretty cool and the only time I got choked up was when I hugged all of my professors. 

I am excited about moving back home for the summer as I think it will be good for me and there is a lot I want to accomplish as far as reading, writing, running, sleeping, eating, and visiting.  Today I'm going to send off for my new passport.

So, after a week of feeling out of sync with myself, I can tell I'm starting to click again and I'm excited about it. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I just got done with graduation rehearsal where it started becoming real. I'm very excited but also very stressed as well. None of my grades have come in (although I'm not really at any risk), I haven't started packing, I have lots of "goodbyes" to get done, and my parents will be here within the hour.

At the same time, it's all very manageable and I feel very lucky to be here. Last night the three Presbyterian Religion majors that are graduating had dinner with our internship mentors and campus minister at a faculty member's (and friend to all of us) house. It was so much fun, relaxing, and comfortable. Over dinner we talked about our best memories from Schreiner, which was really neat to discuss.

While there, my mentor told me that I needed to come to the two churches that he and his wife co-pastor and speak to the Session (governing elders for you non-Presbies) about sponsoring part of my $10,000 that I have the pleasure of raising over the summer to go to India. I actually only need $2,500 by July 15 and the rest by next July, when I come home. But, I'd really like to be done raising money before I leave in August.

So, I'm really looking forward to next week when I'll start preparing for India logistically. On Monday I will send off for my passport and Thursday I have a doctors appointment for a physical that I'm required to undergo. I also hope to meet with my home pastor to discuss my home church's sponsorship. Basically, I'm trying to hit the ground running this summer so that I don't get bored, am prepared for India (as much as that is possible), and have time to relax before I leave. I also have a lot of reading to do and plan on beginning to run again.

Wow, I'm just looking forward to being home as that means I'll have closed this book in my life's anthology instead of hanging onto the epilogue.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pro Crastinator

Everything I do falls into three categories: required, fulfilling, and distracting. 

Required activities are those that I must do for one reason or another. For example, my history final that is due in the morning.

Fulfilling activities are those that recharge me are help me to grow in someway. For example, reading a stimulating book or taking a drive.

Distracting activities are my favorite. Distracting activities are those things that I do that are mindless and really leaving me feeling no better about anything in life other than I wasted time. 

I typically participate in distracting activities before giving in and completing required activities so that I can then enjoy fulfilling activities. For example, I am writing this blog and will then eventually write my final and then read a good book and fall asleep.


This is the video for Where I Stood by Missy Higgins from On a Clear Night.

I just found her about a week ago and all I can say is her music makes me want to cry. She's awesome and Australian, which makes her even more awesome. 


The Master of Awkward

Only once before last night did it really "hit me" that I'm graduating. More than that, it's that I'm leaving Schreiner. I know that my little diploma is a big deal, but when you know you're going to a foreign country where it doesn't really affect what you're doing (although a degree is required), and replacing it with a Masters four years laster, it's just not that exciting.

That is a big deal to me is leaving this place. I came in as such a different person than I am leaving. I've made so many friends and been through ups and downs with them. I really do wonder how many I will keep in contact with. I think it will be especially difficult in my case as I won't be able to text or call someone just to say, "Hey." 

Last night was the 1st Annual Campus Ministry Banquet and Dance. Confession: I went mostly because I thought it would be Awkward Fest 2008. However, it was actually quite a bit of fun. Yours truly was the DJ, which I found stressful at first because people are so opinionated about their musical taste. I also take my music pretty personally so I can be a little defensive about it!

So, I got to dance with an old girlfriend for a couple songs and we shared our thoughts about graduating. It was then that I realized how sad I am to not see some of these people again. In her case it isn't as big of a deal because this fall she's starting at the seminary I will most likely attend a year later. But there are a lot of people that I wouldn't necessarily call to hang out but I enjoy seeing them around and at social events. It's those kind of people I'll miss. 

I am excited about graduation as my parents, bother, sister-in-law, and nephew, dad's sisters, another aunt, uncle, and cousin, and a great aunt and great uncle. Full house! I think it will be a lot of fun and because I didn't have a high school graduation (because I graduated a year early), it's even that much more exciting. Oh, and we're also going out to one of my favorite Kerrville restaurants.

Well, I should go work on my last paper of my college career... WHOA, weird. Who am I kidding, I'll wait till tonight!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Halfway Mark

I'm halfway done with finals. Actually, more than half. I've written 26 pages and only have 6 left. That's not so bad! I also have a pretty easy traditional exam next week that I'm not worried about. I still don't think it's really hit me that I'm graduating next week. I'm excited but not really sad. I don't understand because I love Schreiner; it just hasn't sunk in I guess. 

People have been so supportive of my going to India. It's been a nice contrast with my level of pre-placement support. I think people are able to relate to the excitement that I'm exuding. And I do mean that; I'm drunk on excitement I think!

I don't really have anything genius to say as I'm running on a glorious four hours of sleep (and I definitely love my eight hours every night!). Just thought I'd check in.