Friday, July 25, 2008

True Story

Two young friends, recently brought together again by the cross-state trip of the man, enter a Brazilian restaurant around 11:00 PM. Because it is a pleasant night in Dallas, the two decide to sit outside. Having already received their menus from the host, they begin catching up on each other's lives as they peruse the rather eclectic offerings of the coffee bar/restaurant hybrid.
Before long, a waiter, dressed in oversized shorts with long, purplish-red hair, approaches and, in a laid back voice that suggests he could be altered by substances not yet legal in the US, asks for their drink orders. The man orders a water and the woman follows suite and adds a chorizo queso to the ticket. As he walks away, they pick up their conversation where they left off, quickly realizing that although they haven't lived near each other since high school, they are still kindred spirits.
Not long after, a quirky blonde approaches and politely offers to take the two's drink order. However, they quickly assure her that they have been taken care of. The friends continue catching up on each others lives. Not much has changed, but they both do poorly when it comes to keeping in touch. At about the same time, the two look at each other and then towards the door and then back at each other. The man asks, "Where are our drinks?"

Not too worry though, the waiter begins approaching with drinks. However, the two are astonished when he stops and places them on the table closest to them. The friends are slightly irritated, but are in no hurry so they resume their conversation. Before long the waiter walks in their direction again and this time actually stops at their table... with empty hands. The friends glance at each other briefly.

The waiter innocently asks, "Has anyone gotten your drink order?" The two are astonished. For what seemed like forever, the friends stared at each other, both knowing this was the same waiter that previously took their drink order. The boy said, "You...," and the girl muttered an extended "uhh." They continued to look back and forth from each other to the waiter for an inappropriate length of time.

The man thought to himself that this had to be one of the most hilariously awkward moments of his life. At a loss for words, the man simply smirked as his friend re-ordered their drinks and queso. The waiter assured him that he would have the drinks right out, never realizing this was the second time he had received the exact same order.

The two friends had a difficult time eating through their laughter.

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