Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Calvinists Taking Over YouTube

I need coffee badly right now. I'm sitting in The Reformation Era, a History/Religion course, trying not to fall asleep. We're even talking about Scottish Calvinists (Presbyterians)! What a failure. ;)

I stayed up too late last night with Hannah, probably boring her to tears. I think we spent about three hours on YouTube watching nonsense; mostly Leona Lewis live performances and music videos. While I had a good time, apparently it is catching up to me.

I only got six hours of sleep, which is about three less than normal for me. See, I take my sleep schedule pretty seriously and find myself a bit cranky when it has been disrupted. For example, I was not looking forward to giving a tour to some prospective students, which I normally enjoy, but it went OK.

The book I have been trying to read has been shelved as I believe it and I are not a good match. So, I've moved on to the next book in a series I started in junior high. I was relieved to see that it grabbed my attention from the get go. I am a little worried as it has bad reviews, but, alas, I am a dedicated fan and will finish the series.

Lastly, I'm ashamed that it looks as if I will be doing nothing spectacularly amazing for Earth Day. How's that for going green?

Well, here's a treat: Leona Lewis singing Bleeding Love, from Spirit, at the Brit Awards.

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