Thursday, April 10, 2008

Papers With Malaria at Graduation

I finally wrote my paper that I had been putting off and it feels great. Oddly enough, yesterday it didn't. Even after turning it in I had that nagging feeling that I still had things to do and just wasn't feeling quite right. However, today, after making a to do list to better organize myself, I can say that I feel relaxed and relieved again. Today is going to be one of those busy, productive days that is strangely enjoyable; I can already feel it! Oh, how I love days like this.

I also ordered my mom a computer from Dell, which also needed to be done for quite some time. It made me sad because the price of hers was about half of what mine cost a few months ago and the one I just ordered would have suited me just fine. Granted, having a laptop is extremely nice and all that, but I didn't need one. It just reminded me that I really do need to analyze what I actually need compared to what I just want. I have been doing better, but as always, there is (extreme) room for improvement.

Idol Gives Back was on last night making it the second anniversary of the show that raised $76 million last year. The show was done really well and highlighted quite a few compelling, sincere stories from Africa and disadvantaged regions in the US, such as New Orleans. While a lot of the African charities focussed on AIDs, I was personally moved by the stories about malaria. Because malaria is so preventable, and for not much money, it seems absurd that, as Forest Whitaker said, a child dies every 30 seconds from the disease. The Prime Minister of Great Britain announced that his country would be purchasing $20,000,000 worth of misquotes nets for Africans. I am so impressed and would love it if America decided to at least match that. 

On a lighter note, I just went to the Senior Meeting where we discussed graduation, which is exactly one month away! I was nominated as the Student Speaker and lost by a landslide. I can honestly say I thought it was comical when someone said, "Who's that?" I'm also pretty relieved that I don't have to write anything. However, I will be a liturgist at Baccalaureate, which fits me much better and I am quite looking forward to it.

Since then I have made my way to class where I continue to enjoy my day!

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