Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do I have to?

So, I have to have a difficult conversation with someone later and I'm looking forward to it only because that means it will be taken care of. It's one of those I'm-letting-you-down-and-here's-why conversations. I wish I could just email them the bottom line, but alas, humans like explanations; so I will soon be explaining. After it's over I anticipate a healthy does of relief as this conversation, if handled effectively, will close one of the chapters in my life-book. 

There's another conversation that will inevitably occur soon that I'm not looking forward at all. It's more of a hey-John-why-didn't-you-follow-through-with-this conversation and my (pre-conceived) response will be concise and honest. While I don't really feel any guilt about this particular situation, after-all we are in the Easter season, I don't want to have to explain myself either. I signed up for something and due to a lack of communication from the other side, didn't realize what all I was getting myself into.

Oh, and there's a third conversation that is more of a I'm-letting-you-down-and-here's-why/hey-John-why-didn't-you-follow-through-with-this hybrid conversation. Specifically, it entails HEB receiving my two-weeks notice. I have legitimate reasons for quitting; namely, moving across the state before moving across the world, but I fear a negative response. Hopefully, I'll catch the right manager on the right day to minimize the pain. Although, I will be very relieved when that one can be checked off. 

And to round this out on a positive note, there is a conversation, or set of them, that I'm purely looking forward to and those are my upcoming interviews in Louisville, Kentucky at the placement event. I'm very excited to say that I am only minimally nervous and just have an all-around good feeling about the whole situation. 

So, conversations aren't always bad, some just require more care and planning than others.

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