Monday, May 19, 2008

Caffeine is like a crazy ex-girlfriend!

I haven't had coffee for the past three mornings and it sucks. What also sucks is that since getting stuck on dial-up at home, I haven't blogged. 

As you know, I moved home last Sunday, but it wasn't until it hit me that I've been feeling so out of whack for a week that I decided to unpack and organize my life. So, here I sit in my newly organized room with Henry sleeping in my old, comfy chair.

I'm going to the doctor today at 1:00 for the followup to my previous physical (on Friday) because I drank coffee Friday morning, which messed up one of my labs. I think I have to deal with needles today as well. I've dealt with amazing caffeine headaches each day around noon and will be getting a cup of coffee immediately after my appointment today!

I found out that among the other shots I have to get to go to India, I also have to get the Hep A and B series which I failed to get in high school. I also have to get a TB skin test, today I believe. Now, I'm not terribly afraid of needles but I also don't exactly look forward to them either. Oh well, it'll all be worth it so I ca have my little adventure!

I had a good chat with my brother about my upcoming year and he was really supportive and seems to think that it will be really good for me. That made me feel pretty confident as he has traveled much more than anyone else in my family. 

Now that I've gotten my books organized onto my bookshelf, I'll be working on my summer reading list, which will be ridiculously long. I'm excited but I also hope that I make the time to read all the books that I want to. I'm thinking one pre week. We'll see. 

Oh, and I really miss high speed internet. 

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