Thursday, May 1, 2008

Halfway Mark

I'm halfway done with finals. Actually, more than half. I've written 26 pages and only have 6 left. That's not so bad! I also have a pretty easy traditional exam next week that I'm not worried about. I still don't think it's really hit me that I'm graduating next week. I'm excited but not really sad. I don't understand because I love Schreiner; it just hasn't sunk in I guess. 

People have been so supportive of my going to India. It's been a nice contrast with my level of pre-placement support. I think people are able to relate to the excitement that I'm exuding. And I do mean that; I'm drunk on excitement I think!

I don't really have anything genius to say as I'm running on a glorious four hours of sleep (and I definitely love my eight hours every night!). Just thought I'd check in.

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