Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whining about coffee withdrawal... again!


So, the lab i went in for yesterday came back on the quick test as having a trace of protein, a TRACE! That means immeasurable! And then on the thorough test it said negative which is perfectly normal. Yet, I still can't have coffee until Wednesday because they'd like to do another test just to make sure. 

When I had my blood drawn for the physical among other things they checked my kidneys and it came back normal but yet, no coffee. It's not even that I have to go back Wednesday, because I have to anyway for my TB skin test to be read, it's simply the fact that coffee and I like each other quite a bit, and absence has certainly made the heart grow fonder here.

So, I realize this is pretty ridiculous and whiny, but like I told a friend, coffee is my one unhealthy habit, and it's really not even that bad compared to some other choices, and I'm owning it!

Now that I've vented, I'm going to go read. So, good morning (and if you're drinking coffee, I possibly hate you).

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