Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I feel back to my normal self. 

Here's a whirlwind update: Wednesday my parents arrived and we had dinner. Thursday my aunt, uncle, and cousin arrived, I packed, and we ate more food. Friday I moved out of my apartment and my great aunt and uncle arrived. On Saturday another aunt, my brother, his wife, and my nephew arrived and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Schreiner University. 11 family members were there (actually 12 if you count Henry). Sunday we all drove back to the Gulf Coast and my mom got to pick out spatulas from Williams-Sonoma for mothers day in San Antonio. Yesterday I hung out with my nephew and sister-in-law and we tried to run but both of us were pretty out of shape and Josh was fussy.

So here I am. And this is how I feel: It feels so good to be done with college. I'm not super depressed, not really even sad. I love my time at Schreiner and I know it's immeasurably important as far as who I have become, but it was time for me to move on.

The weekend itself was a little overwhelming with trying to keep friends, family, and dogs all happy at once which is why I'm relieved all of the hooplah is complete. Graduation itself was pretty cool and the only time I got choked up was when I hugged all of my professors. 

I am excited about moving back home for the summer as I think it will be good for me and there is a lot I want to accomplish as far as reading, writing, running, sleeping, eating, and visiting.  Today I'm going to send off for my new passport.

So, after a week of feeling out of sync with myself, I can tell I'm starting to click again and I'm excited about it. 

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